Lettre de la Présidente
21 mars 2022
Gordon Research Conference – 2022
14 novembre 2022

Journée thématique de la SFA 2022

The FRENCH SOCIETY OF ANGIOGENESIS is glad to welcome you the 2022 SFA Day to be held in Nantes on the 10th of November:

“Imagine all the vessels”

“Imagine all the vessels” will be an opportunity, within one-day, to exchange on how imagery helped us to explore vessels, to favor discussions between SFA members and newbies, and allow presentations from junior scientists (poster, flash, short talks). Pr Holger Gerhardt and Pr Karina Yaniv will be our guests

Registration is mandatory: Registration is free for SFA members; 15€ for junior non-permanents SFA members; 30€ for senior academic non SFA members; 45€ for private sector (bank transfer and check only) Registration includes access to the presentations, lunch, and coffee break. Email to sf.angiogenese@gmail.com.

Abstract submission: Please submit your abstract for consideration as a short talk and/or poster to sf.angiogenese@gmail.com

Deadline for abstract submission on the 3rd of Nov