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Sunday October 14th
14h-16h : Welcome
16h-16h30: Introduction (Organizing commitee)
16h30-18h00: Session 1 :  Lymphangiogenesis (Moderators: Dominique Helley, Nor Eddine Sounni)
16h30-17h00 : Invited speaker : Barbara Garmy-Susini (Toulouse, France) Lymphatic system: new function in cancer
17h00-17h30 : Invited speaker : Ines Martinez-Corral (Uppsala, Sweden) New Insights into Mechanisms Underlying PIK3CA-Driven Vascular Malformations from Genetic Mouse Models
17h30-17h45 : Short communication: Florent Morfoisse (Liège, belgium) UPARAP/ENDO180 receptor, a gate keeper of lymphatic branching and organization during pathological lymphangiogenesis
17h45-18h00 : Flash poster presentations : ALFAIDY N, AL-RIFAI R, BOUVARD C, CASTAN A, CHAPOULY C, COMOGLIO Y, COSSUTTA M

18h00-18h30 : Coffee break

18h30-20h00 : Session 2 :  Angiogenesis and Development (Moderators: Cécile Duplaà, Jean-Jacques Feige)
18h30-19h00 : Invited speaker : Nicolas Ricard (Yale, USA) Functions of ERK1/2 pathways in vascular maintenance: from Artificial Intelligence to Biology
19h00-19h30 : Invited speaker : Thierry Jaffredo (Paris, France) New insights into the endothelial to hematopoietic transition generating hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells
19h30-19h45 : Short communication : Marie Darche (Paris, France) 3D visualization of angiogenesis in the mouse eye using light sheet fluorescence microscopy
19h45-20h00 : Flash poster presentations : DUMOND A, DUPLAA C, DURRE T, EBROIN M, GALY-FAUROUX I, HELAINE C, LECOMTE J

20h – Buffet 

Monday October 15th
09h00-10h30 : Session 3 :  Metabolism and Cancer (Moderators: Agnès Noël, Gilles Pagès)
09h00-09h30 : Invited speaker : Peter Carmeliet  (KUL, Belgium) Angiogenesis revisited: role and therapeutic implications of endothelial cell metabolism
Pr P. Carmeliet's conference is supported by

09h30-10h00 : Invited speaker : Olivier Feron (UCL, Belgium) Tumor acidosis and O2 consumption vs. tumor hypoxia and glycolysis

10h00-10h10 : Jean-Baptiste Pénigault (IntelliCyt Corp.) Live Cell Analysis With The IncuCyte®: Applications for Angiogenesis Research
0h10-10h25: Short communication : Stéphanie Herkenne (Padova, Italy) Angiogenesis requires the mitochondria-shaping protein OPA1
10h25-10h40 : Flash poster presentations : LUIS G, MARTIAL S, MAUGE L, PEQUEUX C, ROBLAIN Q, ROMIER-CROUZET B, SCHNEIDER C

10h40-11h Coffee break

11h00-12h30 : Session 4 : Hypoxia and Regeneration (Moderators: Catherine Boisson-Vidal, Laurent Duca)
11h00-11h30 : Invited speaker : Enrico Giraudo  (Torino, Italy) Targeting Semaphorins to normalize the tumor vasculature and block the metastatic growth
11h30-12h00 : Invited speaker : Nor-Eddine Sounni (Liège, Belgium): Metabolic adaptation to anti-angiogenic therapy
12h00-12h15 : Short communication : Thomas Daubon (Bordeaux, France) The complex role of lactate deshydrogenase in glioblastoma development and vascularization
12h15-12h45 : Flash poster presentations : SONCIN F, SPOURQUET C, TAIB S, TATIN F, TILLET E, TOILLON I

12h45-14h : Buffet

14h00-15h30 : Session 5 : Vascular aging and matrix remodeling (Moderators: Eva Faurobert, Laurent Martiny)

14 h00-14h30: Invited speaker : Peter Nilsson (Malmö, Sweden) Early vascular ageing (EVA) - A 10-year's update 2008-2018
14h30-15h00: Invited speaker :  Laurent Duca (UMR 7369 MEDyC, Univ Reims) Elastin modifications during vascular aging and pathophysiological consequences
15h00-15h15: Short communication : Albin Jeanne (Pessac, France) TAX2 anti-cancer peptide: at the crossroads between anti-angiogenesis and immune system restoration
15h15-15h30: Short communication : Florian Alonso (Bordeaux, France) Vascular defects of the retinal vasculature in a mouse model of Marfan syndrome

15h30-16h00 : Coffee break

16h00-17h30 : Session 6 :  Microvascular pathologies (Moderators: Emmanuelle Tillet, Laurent Muller)
16h00-16h30 : Invited speaker : Daniel Henrion (Angers) Microcirculation and Aging : role of resistance arteries
16h30-17h00 : Invited speaker : Luis Monteiro (Univ Lusofona , Portugal) Looking deeper into microvascular pathophysiology using life physiological models
17h00-17h15 : Short communication : Lucille Vignaud (Inst Vision, Paris) Assessment of recombinant lebecetin inhibition of in vitro models and in vivo retinal neovascularization
17h15-17h30 : Short communication : Ly Tu (Plessis-Robinson, France) Selective BMP-9 inhibition partially protects against experimental pulmonary hypertension

17h30-18h Coffee break

18h00-19h30 :  SFA general assembly / Poster visits

20h00 Gala Dinner

Tuesday October 16th
09h00-10h30 : Session 7 :  Vascular bioengineering (Moderators: Isabelle Vilgrain, Fabrice Soncin)

09h00-09h30 : Invited speaker : Didier Letourneur  (Hôp Bichat, Paris) Molecular imaging of thrombosis : From the molecule design to the clinical trial
09h30-10h00 : Invited speaker : Anne Virginie Salsac (UTC, Compiègne) Membrane rigidity as biomarker: how microfluidics allow to characterize it and to develop cell sorting tools
10h00-10h15 : Short communication : Laetitia Andrique (Pessac, France) 3D vascular tissue engineering: a new model of guided self-organization allowing rapid formation of functional vessels
10h15-10h30 : Short communication Laurent Muller (Paris, France) Recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells to microvascular networks improves perfusion of tissue constructs

10h30-11h Coffee break

11h00-12h30 : Session 8 : Angiogenesis and immunotherapy (Moderators: Barbara Garmy-Susini, Stéphane Dedieu)
11h00-11h30 : Invited speaker : Christian Stockmann (Univ Zurich, Switzerland) Vascular Remodeling by Natural Killer cells
11h30-12h00 : Invited speaker : Sirpa Jalkanen (Univ Turku, Finland) New tools to target lymphatics and prevent cancer spread
12h00-12h15 : Short communication : Candice Chapouly (Pessac, France) Astrocytic DLL4 secretion is critical in maintaining the blood brain barrier through autocrine DHH upregulation during neuroinflammation
12h15-12h30 : Short communication : Thomas Mathivet (Paris, France) Dynamic stroma reorganization drives blood vessel dysmorphia during glioma progression: a role for Slit-ROBO vascular guidance pathway ?

12h30-13h00 : Closing / Poster and oral communication prices
13h 00-14h 00 : Buffet